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LNA™ Oligo Tools and Design Guidelines

LNA™-enhanced oligonucleotides have been used successively in a wide range of applications. Use the guidelines below to design your custom LNA™ oligonucleotides. Click here when you are ready to order your LNA™ oligos . Alternatively, let Exiqon’s experts design optimized LNA™ oligonucleotides for you. Please contact us for more information . Learn about purification options and yields .

Design guidelines

Use the guidelines below to design your LNA™ oligos. The bioinformatics tools below can be used to optimize your designs. In addition to the guidelines presented below, we also have design guidelines for the following applications:

General design guidelines

  • LNA™ will bind very tightly to other LNA™ residues. Avoid self-complementarity and cross-hybridization to other LNA™-containing oligonucleotides.
  • Keep the GC-content between 30-60 %.
  • Avoid stretches of more than 4 LNA™ bases, except when very short (9-10 nt) oligonucleotides are designed.
  • Avoid stretches of 3 or more Gs or Cs.
  • For novel applications, design guidelines may have to be established empirically.


LNA™ Oligo Tools

LNA™ Oligo Tm Prediction
LNA™ Oligo Optimizer
Oligo Dilution Calculator
Oligo Resuspension Calculator
Oligo Concentration Converter
LNA™ Nomenclature Converter
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