How do I send my samples to QIAGEN Genomic Services?

1. Submit an online Sample Submission Form (SSF) and sign a printed copy

  • Complete an online Sample Submission Form (SSF) by logging in to your QIAGEN account.
  • Print and sign a copy of appendix A (work order) and appendix B (sample list) to accompany your samples.

2. Prepare your samples for shipment

  • Please ensure that you include a signed hard copy of the SSF (appendix A + B) with your samples.
  • Make sure that samples are labeled clearly and with unique numbers using a permanent marker.
  • Arrange the samples in the same order as listed in appendix B (sample list) of the SSF, in a cryo storage box or similar.
  • RNA samples should be shipped on dry ice in insulated boxes. Please make sure you use adequate amounts of dry ice.
  • For shipments of 1-2 days = 3.5 kg (e.g. within North America or from Northern Europe to Germany)
  • For shipments of 2-3-days = 6 kg (e.g. from Southern Europe or Middle-East to Germany)
  • For shipments of 3-5 days = 9 kg (e.g. from Asia, Australia and South America to Germany)
  • To avoid delays in customs, please describe the contents accurately: i.e. purified RNA dissolved in water, for research use only. The commercial invoice should state a value of 0 (or lowest amount possible).
  • For animal samples shipped internationally: please contact us before shipment, so we can inform customs that we are expecting a package.

3. Send your samples using the fastest service available

  • Please use the fastest available shipping service. For international shipping, please use a courier service such as FedEx.
  • Please send your samples on a Monday or Tuesday to avoid weekend deliveries.
  • Upon receipt of your samples, we immediately transfer them to a secure –80 degrees Celsius freezer. You will receive an email confirming that your samples have arrived in good condition.

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