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LNA™ Oligo Tm Prediction

LNA™-enhanced oligonucleotides have different melting properties from DNA oligonucleotides.

To use this melting temperature prediction (Tm) tool, just enter your sequence below and press "calculate". DNA nucleotides are entered as A, C, T or G and LNA™ nucleotides are written +A, +C, +T or +G.

This tool is based on a modified nearest-neighbor thermodynamical model and on LNA™ oligonucleotide melting temperature measurements. To learn more about the Tm prediction press here.

Please use this base code:

  • DNA bases: A, C, G, T
  • Locked nucleic acid bases (LNA™) are entered as '+_', e.g., +A

Oligo Sequence:
DNA Tm :    Use Tm DNA for applications such as Chromatin ISH-PCR - Southern
RNA Tm:    Use Tm RNA for applications such as RNA ISH - microarray - Northern
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