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Reveal RNA functions in animal models - In Vivo Guidelines

Antisense so good it works in vivo

Reveal RNA functions in animal models

As we uncover the rich diversity of RNAs, elucidating their role in cellular function and disease phenotype is essential, but challenging.

Exiqon's In vivo LNA™ antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) are a unique tool that enable loss-of-function analyses in live animals. Expertly designed LNA™ ASOs achieve long-lasting silencing of mRNA, lncRNA or microRNA to reveal their expression, targets and effects in a broad range of tissues.

This powerful approach is being used in the development of novel RNA therapeutics. Successful clinical trials* to treat Hepatitis C are testimony to the unique drug-like properties of these short antisense molecules.

*Phase II trials of LNA™ miR-122 inhibitor (Janssen et al., N Engl J Med., 2013).

In vivo LNA™ antisense oligonucleotides

  • Target any coding or non-coding RNA
  • Expert bioinformatics design service
  • In vivo grade, in mg to kg scales
  • Exceptional potency and biostability

Success with in vivo RNA function analysis

Get started with our in vivo Guidelines


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