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Biofluids Guidelines - Analyzing microRNAs in liquid biopsies

microRNA in biofluids – what you should know

Maximize microRNA insights from biofluids

Detecting and quantifying microRNA in biofluids can be challenging, especially in projects where sample-to-sample comparability is essential. Though relatively stable in clinical samples like serum, plasma and urine, microRNAs are present in low amounts and their detection can be hindered by inhibitors. Furthermore, biofluid samples are susceptible to variation in handling.

Nevertheless, profiling microRNAs in liquid biopsies holds great promise to understand biological processes and diagnose diseases. Our RNA knowledge and years of experience working with challenging samples are the basis for unique products, proprietary protocols and sound advice to achieve sensitive, specific and robust detection of microRNAs in biofluids.

Successfully profile RNA in biofluid samples

  • Detect even low levels of RNA
  • Avoid pre-analytical variables
  • Incorporate reliable RNA quality control
  • Access challenging samples with expert help

Expert advice and sound preparation

Start today. Get our Biofluids Guidelines


microRNA profiling in serum: NGS vs. qPCR
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Top 5 Tips for biofluids NGS
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Discover the potential of microRNAs in biofluids
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Get over 80% mappable reads from serum or plasma
Our biofluids NGS experts deliver top-quality results from biofluid samples
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