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Exiqon - Now a QIAGEN company

Exiqon to QIAGEN – get to know the new us

We've joined QIAGEN. And we anticipate great things.

Breakthroughs in science come from pushing boundaries and exploring unchartered waters. Since 1995, we’ve had the pleasure of supporting research that has revealed the diversity and importance of RNA to the world.

We aim to empower this work. We strive to catalyze new insights. Thus, we’ve joined forces with QIAGEN to bring you a merged portfolio of products and services that opens new research areas and ties RNA into the diverse landscape of biology and diagnostics.

How does this impact you?

You continue to enjoy the high-quality and personal service you have come to expect from us. Only now, you can tap into the global reach and exceptional bandwidth of QIAGEN expertise, products and services, from basic research to diagnostics, applied testing and cutting-edge bioinformatics.

How do you start working with QIAGEN?

Effective 1 October 2017, Exiqon products and services are fully integrated with QIAGEN, and available for purchase only through QIAGEN.

Exiqon accounts have automatically been transformed into QIAGEN accounts that grant access to multiple purchasing options and a range of services and Exiqon accounts have received an email with details on the transfer of accounts to QIAGEN. Joint Sales and Technical Specialists are standing by to ensure a smooth transition.

Like us, QIAGEN recognizes the value of RNA in advancing knowledge, and they are building on our expertise to make improvements in life possible.

We anticipate great things. And we want you to be a part of it.

Exiqon to QIAGEN – Highlights

  • Exiqon joined QIAGEN on 1 October 2017
  • Exiqon accounts have become QIAGEN accounts
  • Exiqon Services have expanded to QIAGEN facilities in Germany and the USA
  • Exiqon accounts have received an email with transfer details

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