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Exiqon Products

Exiqon, now a QIAGEN company

Exiqon and QIAGEN have joined forces to bring you an enriched product and service offering that builds on the expertise and product synergies of the two companies.

Effective 1 October 2017, Exiqon products and services are fully integrated with QIAGEN, and available for purchase only through QIAGEN.

Product changes

Most Exiqon products remain the same but must now be ordered under a new product number, which you will find on the corresponding product webpages at qiagen.com.

The miRCURY™ LNA™ microRNA PCR System has been updated with new reagents. The former Exiqon version is available in a transition period of about 6 months, effective 1 October 2017. Learn more about the changes, new products, and availability of the former Exiqon products.

Product names and catalog numbers

The names of most Exiqon products remain unchanged, although product groups may have been re-named slightly in relation to a product update. New catalog numbers have been assigned to align with QIAGEN's product portfolio.

Product mapping overview

Use our product mapping overview to guide you to the right location on qiagen.com or browse the product portfolio pages below to get specific product information.


Effective 1 October 2017, all Exiqon products are packaged in QIAGEN boxes and shipped from QIAGEN. Shipping boxes will be labeled with QIAGEN's name.
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