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Application Stories

Application stories – mRNA LNA™ Products

Gene Expression Control in Neurons

“I enjoyed very much my collaboration with Exiqon. Their technical support is very efficient, the turnaround time for the production of the LNA™ oligos quite good, and I believe they strive to give the best possible service to their customers.”

Antonella Riccio’s lab at the MRC Laboratory for Molecular and Cellular Biology, UCL, in London studies neuronal gene expression and local protein synthesis in axons. Her group is trying to understand the triggers that induce translation of axonal mRNAs. With these questions in mind, Catia Andreassi, Senior Research Associate, has been working on mRNA localization in axons of primary sympathetic neurons using ISH, together with other approaches.

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Maša Milatovič Finding new ways of degrading cellulose

"We got beautiful results repeatedly and could even detect the probes fluorescently."

Maša Milatovič is a PhD student at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. She has been using LNA™ detection probes from Exiqon to detect cellulase mRNA transcripts in P. scaber .

Dr. Winston Patrick Kuo " ProbeLibrary™: Reduced Assay Development Time - Improved Reproducibility.

"We can map everything to a particular region of a transcript and easily carry out cross validating assays, because several assays are available for the same transcript."

Dr Winston Patrick Kuo, Harvard Medical School, USA  

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Dr. Kiki Tahtis "ProbeLibrary™: Quick, specific, highly reproducible and cost effective." 

"The ProbeLibrary™ has really sped up our research significantly: Assay design is extremely fast and reliable and all the Real-Time PCR probes are just in the freezer"
Dr Kiki Tahtis, University of Oxford, Cancer Research UK, United Kingdom.

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