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Exiqon Services

Exiqon, now a QIAGEN company

Exiqon and QIAGEN have joined forces to bring you an enriched product and service offering that builds on the expertise and product synergies of the two companies.

Effective 1 October 2017, Exiqon products and services are fully integrated with QIAGEN, and available for purchase only through QIAGEN.

RNA Services expand to serve you better

The knowledge and proprietary workflows of our Service laboratories have been transferred to QIAGEN’s state-of-the-art Service sites in Hilden, Germany and Frederick, USA. These two augmented Service laboratories will ease logistics and boost turnaround time. That is, your RNA research projects are in professional hands, backed by our experience, and completed in record time.

Service changes

We continue to provide our renowned expert consulting and RNA Services, but offer now an expanded menu that includes mRNA/lncRNA qPCR and DNA sequencing. We can also now accept samples infected with certain biological agents – such as HIV, HBV and HPV – at the Hilden Service laboratories.

Service names and catalog numbers

The catalog numbers of Exiqon Services have changed to comply with our expanded portfolio. We continue to provide the level of support you have come to expect from Exiqon, from complete logistical transparency and communication on all projects, to industry-leading data readout, reporting and interpretation through exciting new Bioinformatics solutions.

Your user account

A new QIAGEN user account is needed to design and order custom products, initiate new service projects and submit samples. Your Exiqon account has been transferred to a new QIAGEN account and you have received an email from QIAGEN with instructions on how to register and access your transferred data.

Transferred data comprises products, panels and custom designs as well as finalized service projects.

Your service projects

For service projects that were submitted and approved before 1 October 2017, please continue signing in to your Exiqon account to follow project status.

To initiate new service projects or follow service projects submitted and approved after 1 October 2017, please sign in to your QIAGEN account

Your custom designs

All custom product designs (e.g., Pick-&-Mix Panel, PCR Assays, LNA™ GapmeRs, Oligonucleotides) have been transferred to your new QIAGEN account and are available under "my custom designs" in QIAGEN's GeneGlobe.

RNA Sequencing (NGS) Services

microRNA PCR Services

Send us your samples and let our Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) experts analyze your RNA samples.

Highly sensitive microRNA profiling using the industry leading miRCURY LNA™ PCR system. Experts in microRNA profiling in biofluids.

Custom Pharma Services

RNA Isolation Services

Use Exiqon’s Custom Pharma Service for customized projects such as biomarker discovery, validation experiments and much, much more.

Let Exiqon’s RNA Isolation Services prepare high quality RNA from your samples for any downstream application including our microRNA Services.

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