How do I send my samples to Exiqon Services?

1. Submit an online Sample Submission Form and sign a printed copy

  • Complete an online Sample Submission Form
  • Sign a printed copy of the submitted form. This document should accompany your samples.

2. Prepare your samples for shipment

  • Please ensure that you include a signed copy of the sample submission form with your samples
  • Make sure that samples are labeled clearly and with unique numbers using a permanent marker.
  • Arrange the samples in the same order as on the SSF, in a cryo storage box or similar.
  • RNA samples should be shipped on dry ice in insulated boxes. Please make sure you use adequate amounts of dry ice. We recommended a minimum of 3.5 kg for shipments with a duration of 1-2 days [e.g. within North America or from Northern Europe to Denmark], a minimum of 6 kg for shipments with a duration of 2-3 days [e.g. from Southern Europe or the Middle-East to Denmark] and a minimum of 9 kg for shipments with a duration of 3-5 days [e.g. from Asia, Australia and South America to Denmark].
  • To avoid delays in customs, please describe the contents accurately: i.e. Purified RNA dissolved in water, for research purpose only. The commercial invoice should state a value of 0 (or lowest amount possible). For non-human samples, please contact Exiqon

3. Send your samples using the fastest service available

  • Please use the fastest available shipping service. For international shipping please use a courier service such as FedEx
  • Please send your samples on a Monday or Tuesday to avoid weekend deliveries
  • Upon receipt of your samples we immediately transfer them to a secure –80 degrees Celsius freezer. You will receive an e-mail confirming that your samples have arrived in good condition

Address North America
(including Canada and Mexico)

QIAGEN Genomic Services
Attn. Krishna Amin
QIAGEN Americas
6951 Executive Way
Frederick, Maryland 21703
Phone: +1 301 673 5045

Address Europe and all other countries
R&D Life Science Key Account Service
Attn. Andre Bahr / Anke Singer / Holger Wedler
Qiagen Str. 1
40724 Hilden
Phone +49 2103 29 11649