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New Center of Excellence for microRNA qPCR services

We are happy to announce that the Oncogenomics Core Facility at University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center has been selected as a Center of Excellence for microRNA qPCR services.

LNA™-enhanced microRNA real-time PCR profiling holds great promise as a non-invasive way to discover important new biomarkers for a wide range of diseases and biological processes. The extreme sensitivity obtained by inclusion of LNA™ in the PCR primers allows for accurate profiling of microRNA from any type of sample, including samples with low microRNA content such as serum, plasma and other biofluids.

Exiqon’s miRCURY LNA™ Universal RT microRNA PCR system is available in a wide range of formats: from single assays and focused microRNA panels to miRNome panels for global microRNA profiling. Let the Oncogenomics Core Facility analyze your samples in a format that suits your microRNA profiling project.

The Oncogenomics Core Facility offers complete service for:
  • miRNome PCR Panels
  • Serum/Plasma Focus microRNA PCR Panels
  • Cancer Focus microRNA PCR Panels
  • Individual microRNA LNA™ PCR Assays

“The Oncogenomics Core Facility has had great success over the last several months using the Exiqon LNA™ qPCR platform and we are excited to be a Center of Excellence”, said Toumy Guettouche, Ph.D., Core Director.
“We are pleased to announce the first Center of Excellence in North America”, said Henrik M. Pfundheller, PhD, SVP, Sales & Marketing and added: “The demand for profiling microRNAs from body fluids such as serum/plasma and urine is increasing at a fast rate and we are therefore happy to have the Oncogenomics Core Facility as part of our program”.
For more information, or to submit samples to your regional Exiqon LNA™ Center of Excellence for qPCR, please contact:

Toumy Guettouche, Ph.D.
Core Director
(305) 243-8410

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