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Order Custom LNA™ Oligonucleotides in plates 

Order your custom LNA™ oligonucleotides from Exiqon using these guidelines:
  • Start by deciding on an oligonucleotide sequence. Use these tools to optimize your designs.
  • Decide on chemical modifications. Browse our selection of modifications here . Click the "learn more" link for more information on a particular modification.
  • Download the Plate ordering form . Complete the downloaded Excel sheet using the nomenclature described in the file. Use the modification codes found in the worksheets (bottom left) of the Excel file. For example, a 5’ FAM-labeled oligonucleotide with three LNA™ substitutions could be written: /56-FAM/G+TAGT+AGTA+CTAGTAAG.
  • Upload the completed ordering form using the contact form found below. Alternatively, fax the form to us using the following numbers: 
    • North America: +1 781 376 4152
    • Outside North America: +45 456 618 88
  • When we receive your form, we will send you a quote. Once you accept this quote, we will process your order.
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