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Global Service Providers

Service Providers, Asia

Takara Bio Inc., Japan, China and Korea

Takara Bio Inc. has established a strong presence in the Asian life science research market with its cutting-edge research reagents and its long time marketing efforts. By leveraging its expertise on the life science research reagents business, Takara Bio Inc. provides reliable contract research services on microRNA analysis utilizing Exiqon’s Arrays and qPCR products. Customers in Japan, Korea and China can make an inquiry to Takara Bio Inc. in Japan, Takara Korea Biomedical Inc. in Korea and Takara Biotechnology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. in China, respectively.

About Takara Bio
Takara Bio supports biotechnology research worldwide, from basic research at academic institutions to commercial entities working in drug-discovery research. Since the introduction of the first domestically produced restriction enzymes in 1979, Takara Bio has continuously developed its research reagents, scientific instruments, and contract research services with new genetic engineering technologies.

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KangChen, China

KangChen offers microRNA services based on Exiqon Arrays and qPCR products. KangChen has been a service provider for Exiqon since 2006 and more than 50 papers have been published based on data from KangChen's laboratories.

More about KangChen:

KangChen Bio-tech is a leader in providing cutting-edge life science technology for research. The company is committed to providing innovative products and technical services. We strive to help our customers to achieve success and obtain long term value in their exploration of life science.

KangChen's growing power derives from its commitment to technology excellence and innovation. KangChen Life Science Research Center has advanced facility, skilled laboratory scientists and experienced bioinformatics scientists. By continuous improvement and innovation, the center keeps pace with the most advanced life science technology development.

KangChen Bio-tech makes every effort to deliver customers with high quality and efficient services through continuing innovation in technology and management. Our goal in service is to improve the quality of research, lower the total cost, shorten the life cycle of projects, and establish long term relationship with our customers.

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