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Welcome to Exiqon
Exiqon operates in two business areas where our proprietary
 Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA™) detection technology provides a competitive advantage. 


Exiqon Life Sciences Exiqon Diagnostics
The home of the popular LNA™-based tools for small RNA research. We also provide useful experimental advice, recommended literature and lots of valuable downloads.

bullet miRCURY LNA™ products for microRNA Research
bullet MicroRNA Array & PCR Services
bullet Resource Guide
bullet Scientific publications and downloads
Exiqon Life Sciences
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Exiqon Diagnostics is a market leader in the field of in vitro treatment selection testing for cancer, and performs innovative genomic research aimed at rapidly identifying new cancer diagnostics to improve the outcome for cancer patients.

bullet In vitro cancer therapy selection testing
bullet Molecular cancer diagnostics
bullet Cancer prognostic testing
Exiqon Diagnostics
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